How to Advertise on Specific Pages in Facebook

Facebook advertising has taken the Internet world on a whole new level. Suddenly, businesses are presented with the opportunity to reach customers which would be impossible if the traditional means are used. As more and more people realize the advantage of this advertising technique, businessmen are also looking for entirely new ways of using Facebook for the interest of their business.If you are a Facebook user, you may notice that the site is riddled with all sorts of groups. There are groups for certain hobbies, books, celebrities, eccentrities, people, show, and so on. Identifying with this group can mean a lot. For example, someone who is a member of the group for teenage shows are likely to be enticed to buy products that are specifically marketed for teenage people. The same is true for a member of a flower-loving group, a group for the fans of an actress, and so on. Truly, there is a way of cashing in using these highly specific Facebook group pages.Now, the dilemma that we have at hand is to find out how to target specific Facebook pages. Personally, I think this is not a problem at all. Allow me to help you and show you how this can be done.1. Create an ad copy.The ad copy is comprised by the copy itself, title, image, and destination URL. Your ad copy should be made in a strong and effective manner so as to attract customers into it. The image that is included in the copy should be relevant to the site or to the product that you are promoting. If you are promoting your business per se, then it is highly recommended to use your logo. The title should not be more than 135 characters. Write the title in a way that will immediately catch attention. It should include call to action phrases such as “Find out now” “Don’t be late” “See for yourself”, etc.2. Get your ads running.For groups which you are an administrator for, posting your ads may be easy. All you need to do is to enter your ad title, copy, URL and image. You can do some last minute editing as Facebook will give you a preview of the ad. Once you are satisfied with what you are seeing, you can link the ad to the pages which you have administrator rights.On the other hand, you can also target specific groups of people by providing as much filtering information as you know. Key in the demographics, age, language, occupation, school attended likes, interests, etc. The more filter you identify, the more specified your audience will be.3. Create a name for your advertising campaign.People should identify with you and your advertising campaign. Give it a name so you will know how to call it and this will also let you manage the campaign effectively. A unique campaign name should be given to every ad that you run to avoid repetition and doubles.4. Manage your finances.Facebook advertising for small business is like advertising through Google AdWords. Facebook lets you manage your finances the way you want to. For the cost of your ad campaigns, you can choose the CPM or the click per million. This will charge you for every 1 million clicks that a specific ad generates. Another option is the CPC or cost per click. As the name implies, Facebook will charge you for every click that is generated by an ad. Cost of advertising on Facebook is greatly controlled by the business owner to allow greater flexibility and versatility.5. Monitor your adsOnce your ads are up and running, you should allot some of your time to monitor their performance. Facebook is equipped with analytics to help you pick out which ad campaigns are performing well and which are not. To get an intensive data about your ads, you can click the Review Ad which you can find in the Review section of your Facebook Ad page.Facebook for advertising is a new approach for promoting a business over the Internet. For those who are thinking if Facebook advertisement is right for them, the best way to find out is to try. Advertising through Facebook is fairly easy and affordable which makes it very ideal for small businesses.

Website Traffic Success – How to Figure Out the Bid Price You Should Use With Facebook Advertising

When it comes to getting more visitors to your site from Facebook’s paid advertising program you are going to have to make sure you use the right bid prices or you are going to end up wasting a lot of money and have nothing to show for all that money you spent on getting visitors to your site. In this article I want to show you exactly how you can figure out the amount you should be spending to get visitors to your site.The Difference Between This Source And Google AdWords…The thing that people get confused about is the fact that when you bid on traffic with Google AdWords you simply get people to your site and then you pay Google the amount that you were bidding on.In theory it works the same with Facebook! You set your bid price and every time someone clicks on your ads you are going to get charged and they will then send those visitors to your site.The problem is that you are getting different types of visitors to your site. With Google you are going to get visitors to your site who are looking for what you are selling.In most cases they are typing in keywords trying to find a solution to a problem that they are having and at the exact same time you are trying to sell them stuff that will hopefully fix the problems that they are having.But with Facebook, they are not really looking for you! They don’t login to Facebook and see if they can find your ad so they can come to your site and buy from you!They simply see your ad and because it is interesting, they click on it and come to your site.So they are a different type of visitor and you have to make sure you realize this when you are buying traffic.Here Is How To Figure Out The Best Bid Price You Should Pay So You Don’t Spend More Then You Make…Step #1 – You have to make sure you are focused on taking advantage of all the targeting options that Facebook has so you can get the best visitors to your site. If you do this you will be able to get the most qualified visitors to your site and that means you are going to make more money.Step #2 – You have to make sure you are focused on using the same bid price as you would with AdWords and adjust it as you go along.Run your ads for the same bid price that you would use with Google AdWords and then once you get some data, make changes accordingly so you can keep them optimized.

Facebook Advertising Tip: How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Base

Advertising is a necessary element in making yourself or your product known to your intended market and it is an essential part of every business venture’s promotional campaign for the marketing of products. In most traditional businesses, advertising has a share in the promotional budget and it can even be occupying the bigger share because of its importance in promoting products.While objectives can be for introduction of new products or variation creating or maintaining brand awareness, or whatever, the ultimate goal is increase the sales for your business venture. This objective can be attained by way of advertising on Facebook, which can be very effective, knowing the vast exposure that it can give with its hundreds of thousands of active users.Having a Facebook account can be good for your business and having a separate fan page can be a good means of expanding your reach to other people within your niche market. Other people that you may not have reached through your other advertising schemes may have chances of getting to your page because chances are these people have also Facebook accounts.How to increase your Facebook fan base is a must and should be done in order to have better chances of reaching out to more targeted people within your niche. If you update your contents frequently and add information on regular basis, these people may have chances of coming back more often and you can even have more chances of your information being spread around also.Your new and old Facebook fans should be engaged more often by encouraging them to interact with your page contents. By way of adding fresh contents and information regularly your fans can have more reasons to do some interactions or comments to whatever you posted, whether informative or something absurd but creative.Give your Facebook fans an interesting experience when they are on your fan page. Making them post comments and make some interactions or critique on your contents can make your fan page active and have more reasons for other fans to join in and have fun when they are on your page.Posting of events or what’s new within your niche can make these people make comments also on what is in their own circle. This sharing of information, trends, or whatever can also be shared by other people, which can lead to effects being viral and can lead to results giving more benefits to your fan page as well as your website.Videos can do well to your fan base building efforts because videos are popular with more users, nowadays and can have more motivations for them to make comments. With more interactions like these, you can have more benefits to your fan base building efforts.